Java and Linux Install


It is always important to know how to install and setup your operating system,
one for general-use, two it helps if you system is configured properly
for installing future applications.  Typically, the developer will not
go out of his/her way to prepare for every operating-system configuration,
we try our best though.

This small setup will go over simple java based setups for a RPM based
linux distro, for example Mandrake(9.1/10) or Redhat 8.0/9.0

Java and the NetBean bundle

The JAVA 1.4.2 SDK can be found from the
site. For example, I have downloaded the 'Download J2SE v 1.4.2_04 SDK with NetBeans 3.6 Bundle',
6/10/2004, the linux version is 90 MB.  Download the '.bin' to a standard directory,
for example, I always like $HOME_DIR/java/ [install-here].

and run:


The netbeans/java bundle launches a GUI install program, I typically click through the steps.
I make one change when asked for the install-directory, I normally 'insert' 'java' between the
the HOME_DIR and java-1.4.2.  Here is where java is installed on my system: