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Download [ Spiritbot] - Download.html
Here you can download snapshots of the spiritbot system. There are several different small programs associated with these bots.

Follow the steps below to get started.

SpiritBot-Bin - Linux based java version.(unstable)
SpiritBot-Win - Windows based java version.(unstable)
SpiritBot-Src - Linux(mandrake/redhat) specific source snapshot.

Here is a pure code generator, it creates your code based on simple rules, and also sets up scripts for deployment.
see SpiritCodeGen

SpiritCodeGen - Java based code generator.
SpiritCodeGen-Src - Java based code generator(java source). - SpiritBot download(mirror source snapshot)

Documentation - The javadocs contain documentation for the spiritbot library; embedded in the javadocs are also source snippets for interfacing with the SpiritBot libarary.

Java-JRE-1.3+(1.4.1+ preferred) - You will need a java runtime in order to run this application, follow the easy steps from the SUN site to get started.