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There are many facets of programming that aren't that complicated. Most time spent coding is repetitive and pretty boring. Are there ways we can skip past the repetitive parts of a coding project and only look at code that requires real thought? And, could we use a tool that automates tasks outside of the domain for which the program was originally designed for, not just software development?

SpiritCodeGenUML - With the power of XMI and EMF, use this tool for forward and reverse engineering. Integrate with other tools like ArgoUML and PoseidonUML.

Requirements(as of 7/2/2004) :
* JavaVM 1.4.x (from
* (optional)ANT 1.5+ (from
* (optional)MySQL Java Connector (3.0.x+) * This software should run on Windows or Linux

Visit the download page for mroe information on installing this project.
Also, here are some more snapshots and walkthroughs of the system being used, Spirit-Page.
(note: dont be fooled, the current version is still just a bot with simple responses, but library allows for growth)

Also see the java-code-generation project.

Audio based description of the Project - About.ogg ;; About.mp3
Applications.ogg ;; Applications.mp3

This irc based bot started from PIRC-bot and will focus on generating code using chat. The pros of this project include the fact that IRC is an easy protocol to get into. It is chat, it is simple. All that is needed to start the application requires running the 'ant' build tool and runnning it. There is not a lot of configuration required. The cons include, bots typically are not very smart, and AI is still beyond my scope. Currently this bot is a really small script interface. You can only interface with the bot through one word commands.

Like other projects on the internet, this project may grow, it may not.

Project Highlights:

  • IRC - bot
  • JBOSS based servlet interface
  • mySQL backend
  • Next AI challenge will including interfacing neural networks and markov chains
    Basically, what is the best way to respond to a command?

It would be nice to implement bot spying, via a Social Network, see Jibbler's PIRC bot, shakespeare social network.

- Berlin Brown 2004

Language modules are being added, main commands are in french. Ideally, I will use a combination of french, spanish, and english.

Note: - To add to the confusion, you can download spiritbot from the website.

Also visit the Sourceforge summary page.

Take that Japan!


ramzabean-blog(spirit-info included) - from

Jscheme(Peter Norvig) will be used for AI messaging and other things that lisp engines are used for.

JavaCC will be used for parsing code.
It is a parser generator and lexical analyzer generator. For example, it can be used to parse an incoming java or C program and check for syntax within a custom program.
Note: The JavaCC aspect of the project has been deprecated.

* More javadocs - unit testing added

* Working on three different clients in addition to enterprise servlet client *

* Word associate client is half-way functional

* Expect a pre-alpha release in a month or so(June-2004) Logo