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== [ 5/24/2004 ] ==

 - Q: What is your goal?
 - A: I would like to create a system that allows a developer(or anyone else) to interact with a bot
 that 'thinks, 'loves', 'cries','writes code', 'tests code', 'retrieves code templates', 'chats'.

 I don't want to come up with another XML,XHTML,XSLT,XABLCKJDA, XKSKDF, technology, it is a bot, you
 start it, you talk to it.

 - Q: What a silly project?
 - A: maybe
 - Q: KISS?
 - A: of course
 - A: There are some phrases in our lexicon that are very powerful:
 Where is X?
 What is X?
 X is Y?
 How do I do X?
 Can you help me find X?
 - A: All these phrases are useful and at the very  minimum, this bot will be handle simple

== [ 5/16/2004 ] ==

 - Working on GUI interfaces and other external applications.
 - Note: someone email me on what you think defines a smart application.
 I have come up with a very small list, I have included the babel fish language

 Cisco promises a smart operating system, but I think that is advertising.

== [ 5/11/2004 ] ==

*I am thinking, general problem solving/decision trees*

It would be interesing, the bot learns a language, the
bot uses GPS to learn a java api, the bot
creates a java file, the bot compiles that code.

== [ 5/11/2004 ] ==

If this project doesnt get where I want it to,
at least it can be a super help management / doc system.

All the neural networking and j2ee and RDBMS word searching
seems a little bit of a stretch.

== [ 5/11/2004 ] ==

Imagine combining all these together into one application:

*Spell Checker*
*Web Browser*
*Search Engine*
*Help System*
*Address Book*

You can't do that now, as I have said earlier, everything
written any application ever written, every line of code
is written, the application only changes based on updates.

The best way to create evolving software is to have:

1. configuration files

2. external data management(databases, mysql, postgres, ...)

3. runtime data management

== [ 5/9/2004  ] ==

using Kohonen map: could get each word and find a organized
map around the word, and then from the word, find a suitable word.

Need to implement a RuntimeDatabase
RuntimeTable system.

== [ 5/7/2004  ] ==


Two,Three,Four, Inputs

If out of all these options, one of these is true