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Eclipse - is now the primary IDE, spirit-bot currently works with
Linux version(motif): 2.1.3
Windows Version: 3.0.0-M9(6/21/2004)

To get eclipse working with sourceforge CVS:
Connect-Type: extssh
Repository-Path: /cvsroot/spiritbot
Module: spiritbot

Java-Code Conventions
(I would like to add one more convention, I like to add a description of every
right-bracket, for example, // [ end of if ], // [ end of for ], if you look at any source code, every single block will have this syntax. It helps, I guess. )

Really-Big Java Index
First Cup of Java

*Gaping Holes in spiritbot(which could be fixed by motivated people)*
-- Better use of Scheme(this could be fixed by an experienced scheme/lisp programmer that
has some knowledge of natural language processing) -- Better use Neural Network processing(I need someone who has knowledge of
Kohonen maps and basic back-propagation and how it relates to natural language)
-- Client-server applications, these will operate as external programs to the
spiritbot suite.
-- Swing Applications, external programs to the suite.
-- J2EE Applications, external programs to the suite(servlets, ejbs, ...).
-- Better data management, we need someone to work on the MySQL/Hypersonic/XML jdbc aspect
-- Informal Testing, run through the API and create test software
-- Linux sysadmins(this java application is designed for linux) -- Docs(a person is needed to fill dual roles, web-admin/programming-docs/news, etc,...) -- Design(this could be fixed by an experienced software manager)

A user will log into the system, the user will chat with the bot, the bot will respond with a valid response. The user has some idea about what he or she wants, and for early versions of spiritbot, these responses will include technical responses, java, linux, computing, internet...

Every major application ever developed on planet earth is engineered in the same fashion:
*The developer finds out what is needed, he searches through his knowledge-base of code and experience, he plans out every single if-then-else block, every loop, every piece of the application is known. And, time permitting, he, the team, writes the application, line for line. This application is one small step towards creating software that evolves over time and becomes 'adaptive' to the needs of the user.*
s/he/she(if need be)

*Let us create more than just another piece of software, let us write software that writes software*

*Level of Developers Wanted*

Level Wanted(just right):
* I use ANT regularly
* I work with java on linux
* I have written applications in Swing
* I have used jdbc in my applications

Level of Developers Not Wanted(too cold)
+ I wrote my first application last week
+ How do I install java on linux
+ What is swing
+ What is J2EE
+ What is a servlet

Level of Developers Might be wanted but not needed?(too much)
+ I just finished my PHD in thermodynamics
+ I just finished my PHD in AI at MIT.
+ I work for Microsoft, I wrote excel
+ I work for Sun, I have written my own jvm
+ I write serious enterprise applications, using AOP,XP,(pick your favorite enterprise buzzword) and I work for a fortune 100 company.

[ Steps for getting your feet wet ]
[ 1 ] IRC - Client
Get used to IRC chat, get a feel for the culture, how to get information, etc ...
*IRC* is just one of many possibly interfaces, including possibly a simple client-server interface, a jabber interface, and a IM(messenger) bot interface.

This system is a (yet-another)bridge between natural language and machine. As developers, it won't serve anyone to come up with another cryptic programming language or specification on middleware environments. Natural language, for the last couple hundred years, has not changed that much. Spiritbot is about natural language interface. At present, spiritbot is simple; hopefully, in time, it will grow.

The best place to log in and test the bot is '', pick a server that is close to your location.
#spiritbot and are the default channel and server.
Default nicks(for the time being) are spiritrover and spiritgirl.
*If you can figure out how to download the software and run the bot, then the two names will join the channel*
(hopefully, there won't be nick collisions)

[ 2 ] CVS

CVS will always remain the most up-to-date. Of course, it is better if you know what CVS is. It is even better if you are using a unix/linux system so that CVS client software is already installed.

Directory Setup:
This is probably the best system for spiritbot.

$(HOME_DIR)/javanet/spiritroot/ <------- [ CVS here ]

cvs login
cvs -z3 co spiritbot

also(testing framework):

cvs -z3 co spiritroom

[ 3 ] Test

The best way to get started developing is to download(cvs) the application, configure the application, and then run the application.

After you have seen the bot in action, you are probably thinking, doesn't do very much? You get to help fill-in the blanks.

[ 4 ] Fun

The idea is to take something pretty chaotic like IRC and make into an enterprise system. The idea is to take something non-enterprise(chat) and merging it with something enterprise(java/AI).

[ Seeking Opensource Developer ]
Java/Swing/Network Developer Needed 

Designated Contact:

Open Date:
 2004-05-06 19:32 
For Project:
 Spiritbot - PIRC based help agent 

Long Description:

 The spiritbot project is a full suite of applications used to 
 develop real-world agents.  I am currently working on a 
 natural language chat interface(scheme/lisp) based that parses 
 input natural language(chat) input and then trys to come up with valid responses. 
 There is currently a MySQL/Hypersonic Backend. I have included a jScheme Library, 
 Neural Library, and other features.
 The level of valid responses is currently open, I am hoping this bot can be used 
 for help-type systems.  If the project is successful, I can see it 
 being used possibly for detecting SPAM, interactive code generation, 
 intrusion detection, and whatever else we can come up with.
 There is a pretty unstable code-base, but there is a lot of code.
 Components that need development:
 * Java/Scheme testing
 * Fixing the current codebase
 * Testing/Testing/Testing
 * TCP Server
 * Neural Code Testing
 * Database Design
 * External Swing Chat Application
 I am looking for any java developers that can help out. 
 I am pretty informal, so don't expect object models 
 and me to be on the project 40 hours a week.
 I can currently be reached at IRC,
 #java or #spiritbot, EST: 7am - 10pm
 I go by the nick ramzabean or ramzajet
 bbrown { _at_ }
 Berlin Brown